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This sassy little comeback—BITE ME—has been snuffed out on the west end of Galveston Island on the Texas Gulf Coast, thanks to Turf Feeding Systems.

Turf Feeding Systems was retained by Pointe West, a major beach development on the western end of this stretch of coastline, to fertigate their landscaped areas. Pointe West purchased one fertigation system for the development’s Beach Club area, the central social gathering place in the development.

Pointe West’s initial plan was to give Turf Feeding’s fertigation system a try for a season to see if and how much it helped to improve the landscape and plantings on the beach. The hurdle in maintaining this landscaping had historically been that the development, being on the Gulf of Mexico, gets a constant salt spray. The beach sand has no nutrients in it inherently and the landscaping, which had been planted a mere two years earlier, looked stressed.

Improvement didn’t take long to show up. Shortly after the fertigation system was installed (in May 2006), the landscape perked up and began to look healthier than any time since it was planted. The Beach Club area began earning compliments from owners and guests for its healthy and highly-maintained appearance.

Turf Feeding added its Mosquito Blocker to the fertigation at Pointe West and this added protection eliminated the pesky critters altogether.

Pointe West was so pleased with the outcome that by July of this year they had already determined to add six more fertigation systems to their entire project. Mosquito Blocker will be added to every system making the development virtually mosquito-free.

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