Roll Around on the Grass

The cost of water used for irrigation in the high plains of Colorado has caused a number of metro-Denver homeowners to permanently abandon thoughts of having a lush, green lawn.  Besides the high cost of water, the new “green” mood of ecologic sensitivity has inspired some homeowners to plant low-water-intake plants like native grasses and cactus.

Still nothing can replace the long summer afternoon spent rolling around on the lawn like kids once did.

Turf Feeding Systems to the rescue!

Turf Feeding Systems uses fertigation and high-analysis liquid fertilizers that add special, non-harmful, organic liquid nutrients to the water as it irrigates. That means, says founder Michael Chaplinsky, that the nutrients get directly to the plant where it needs food, resulting in a healthy root system—the foundation of a thick, lush plant, whether it’s a lawn or landscape plant.

Turf Systems relies on Growth Products, a specialty fertilizer manufacturer with its complete line of high-quality liquid fertilizers that can be injected through the irrigation system at a price at or below dry fertilizers. Plus the cost of labor to apply the dry fertilizer is eliminated.

Appropriate water and food are the two things that can return a stressed lawn into a soft carpet of green within one season.

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